New Year; 2019

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Years. I had a pretty busy time with lots of festive fun and lots of hospital appointments to help me get as healthy as I possible can be. We then had all the family come to us on Christmas Day so there was a lot of prep to get done for that. We had so many people we had to put two dining tables in our living room to fit everyone in! It was lovely.

Then between Christmas and New Years, we did a lot of sorting. My husband and the guys in the family build a kayak storage in the garage and my mum and myself finally got my office sorted. We have only been in the house six months and some how my office was the last room to get any attention! It was a mess and I did not really enjoy being in there. It has mean that not a lot of writing has happened at all sadly.

I am so happy how the space has turned out. It is now a place I want to be. At first I was rather overwhelmed at having such a luxurious space, a space all for me and what I enjoy doing. Not only do I enjoy writing and illustrating, I also love to knit and sew.  My parents and husband reminded me that I can’t always leave the house due to my health so I might as well have a room I can enjoy and be productive in.

I’m not really a big fan of celebrating the New Year so sorting my work space out was a great way for me to welcome 2019. I am so glad that I feel confident in celebrating things the way I want to not how you think they should be. I am really not a fan of all the new year new you hype. I feel it set us up for failure. I prefer setting goals. I have goals for my writing, my physio, my hobbies and even the house. I find them a lot easier to manage and easier to achieve.

However you celebrate for the new year, I hope you enjoy it and 2019 is filled with love, laughter and joy.

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