How I came to write ‘The Fairy Tree’

Tomorrow my very first book is launched. It is a day I never dreamt would happen. A week ago when a lady on instagram asked me “please tell my why you wrote this book?” which is something that I hadn’t given much thought to.



I sat and thought about it for a while. It struck me as an interesting question. It wasn’t ‘what influenced me’ or ‘what inspired me’ it was a straight forward to the point ‘why?’. Why make this book?

The answer is fairly straightforward in the end; I wrote this story as a way of coping with my diagnosis with the genetic disorder of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (or EDS).

After years of being unwell and getting more and more sick no matter what I did, it was great to have a name for my illness but I had always held on to the idea that I was going to make a full or nearly full recovery and one day get back to ‘normal’ life. I had already left a career in mental health nursing and let my dream of teaching fall by the wayside as my health had worsened. Now as it sunk in that there is no cure for it I couldn’t see how I was ever going to have the life I wanted. It was a pretty dark place.

My mum reminded me of my love for making up stories when I felt upset and this was what I did. As I lay in my garden which had a tree at the end with a hole you could see all the way through, this story took shape.

I then thought, ‘you know what the other thing I liked to do as a child especially when I didn’t feel so great? Paint.’ So next I got out my water colours and started painting.

The reason this is now a book is thanks to a dear friend, Ayn Cates Sullivan, CEO of Infinite Light Publishing. When visiting the UK (she is from California, USA) she saw my work and fell in love with it.  She said it needed to be a book. I wasn’t so sure at first. With my health being so fragile and me being some what of a shy person, but she can be very persuasive!


Ayn Cates Sullivan and me in my garden


So that is it really. This book was born out of finding away to deal with something I could not control. Much like in this book, I felt so very lost and hopeless but I found a tiny dot of light that helped me find my way back to my old self in some way.


First pages of The Fairy Tree


I do hope you enjoy reading it.

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